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SD type sound amortization supports – embossed supports

Sound amortization supports

With test report for sound damping under sound impact – Under stairs, joints, joints, etc. help separate sound impact and impact sounds in residential buildings, offices and hospitals. Profiled, non-armed, elastomeric supports are especially useful in this case because of their unsound qualities.

Besides absorbing sounds, they ensure uniform distribution of the load and prevent excessive edge compression. Improvement in impact sound is at least 27 dB for compressions between 0.1 and 1.0 N / mm² compared to a rigid support. 31 dB is obtained at a compression of 0.3 N / mm².

Reduce sound impact

Z-type, B-type and TD-21 SD sound damping elements include the great reduction of sound impact to the Lechuplast GLT SD beaded support and ensure that bumps do not reduce the sound damping function. Due to the notches, the T type can be easily mounted on the spot in any situation. Do not cut foam templates. Special sizes can be made to order.

Type B sound absorption for stairs (350 x 1000 mm)

Summary of a test with SD sound damping supports – embossed supports

LeschuplastGLT SD – Gofar supports can be used in varying loads ranging from 0.1 N / mm² to 1.0 N / mm² due to excellent sound absorbing qualities. In this case, the estimated sound reduction is at least 27 dB. As a load of 0.3 N / mm² the rated reduction is 31 dB.